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Rebecca Blech BA(Hons), Dip ITEC, Dip MTI trained at the Academy of Natural Health in London

Highly skilled, her healing hands sound out root causes of discomfort while integrating and nurturing the whole body, leaving you relaxed or energised, as desired.

Drawing on a wide range of techniques and skills, and able to advise on posture, movement and voice in relation to tension patterns, she offers a truly holistic and personalised treatment. Her clients include an impressive list of top sportsmen, singers, models and performers from around the world.

“Rebecca has an incredible intelligence in her hands. She is my port in a storm and, quite simply, the best massage therapist in London”

Tiu de Haan, singer & founder of Eye Shine

“My objective is to encourage wellbeing in others so that they can fulfil their unique potential.
I work with intention to affect very different outcomes.
In consultation with the client, I establish how they are feeling at the start of the massage, how they want to feel at the end, and what they want to get out of the massage, and I see my job as taking them from A to B.
It’s a very creative process!”

Rebecca Blech

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