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“I’ve had many massages worldwide but none as good as yours”

Member Australian Cricket Team

“An amazing massage!”

Lance Armstrong

“Never had massage so thorough and focused”

PF, Minneapolis

“More please! You really sensed out the pressure points”

JC, London

“Very good – tailored to me and my lifestyle, and good on my problem back”

SF, Falkirk

“Great hands and focus; both spiritually and physically revitalising”

DW, London & Ibiza

“Back much better, visualization helpful. Feel very nurtured - you’re very good. Have been able to come off anti-depressants with regular massage.”

DrD, Shropshire

“Don’t underestimate the role your massage has had on my general physical wellbeing – having suffered with debilitating asthma, I feel so much more in control of my body rather than my body controlling me.”

DJ, London

“Injury pain completely gone from next morning onwards”

DR, Geneva

“Feel taller, ‘buzzy’ – like healthy core of energy going through me.”

TDH, London

“Exactly what I wanted - you got to all the spots. Felt totally blissed out. Energised even the morning after.”

AW, London

“Feel 100% better than when I walked in! Much looser”

TM, London

“After 25 weekly visits, once again, this was unlike any previous massage. Really enjoyed it. Last week I felt deeply relaxed and more supple, today alive!”

RP, London

“A first rate massage.”

AG, California

“Rebecca has an incredible intelligence in her hands. She is my port in a storm and, quite simply, the best massage therapist in London”

TdH, Devon

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