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Massage works on many levels affecting physiological, psychological and emotional states.

It helps the body perform efficiently, thereby increasing energy levels, combating the effects of stress and promoting health and well-being. It can improve:


Massage slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and clears the mind, inducing calm, clarity and an ability to cope with life’s demands. It can boost self-esteem, lift spirits and build confidence, giving you the potential for greater achievements, improved relationships and a better quality of life!

Prevention is better than cure

Regular massage has a cumulative effect on your health. Monthly top ups are a good minimum for maintenance, but with weekly or fortnightly sessions, you really begin to see the difference:

  • A calmer and more positive outlook on life
  • A looser and more responsive body
  • More energy and better health
  • An ability to cope with what life throws at you in ways you had never dreamed possible!
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